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Michael Royer

Michael Royer

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352


Michael joined PNNL as a Lighting Engineer in 2011 and works in PNNL's Portland office. Working for the Department of Energy's Solid-State Lighting program, he focuses on technology development issues, helping to improve product performance through research, testing, standards development, and engagement with various elements of the lighting industry. Michael is a principal investigator for the CALiPER program, and manages the Metrics and Standards program. He has also developed a human factors research agenda that is currently focusing on color rendition.

Michael is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society's (IES) Color Committee, and was the chair of the IES Color Metrics Task Group, which developed TM-30-15. He is also a member of the IES Technical Procedures Committee (TPC), and has served as a guest editor for LEUKOS' special edition on color rendition. Prior to joining PNNL, Michael earned a Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University, receiving the 2013 Taylor Technical Talent Award from the IES for his published work. Michael was named a future leader of lighting by LD+A Magazine in 2010, and has authored over 50 journal articles and government reports.

Research Interests

  • Human factors in lighting, including color perception the relationship between light and health
  • Spectral optimization
  • Long-term performance of lighting products
  • Developing metrics for both energy-related and quality-related aspects of lighting

Education and Credentials

  • B.A.E. / M.A.E., Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 2008
  • Ph.D., Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 2011

PNNL Publications


  • Royer MP, and M Wei. 2017. "The Role of Presented Objects in Deriving Color Preference Criteria from Psychophysical Studies." LEUKOS - The Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America 13(3):143-157.  doi:10.1080/15502724.2016.1271339
  • Royer MP. 2017. "What is the Reference? An Examination of Alternatives to the Reference Sources Used in IES TM-30-15." LEUKOS - The Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America 13(2):71-89.  doi:10.1080/15502724.2016.1255146



  • David A, PT Fini, KW Houser, Y Ohno, MP Royer, KA Smet, M Wen, and L Whitehead. 2015. "Development of the IES method for evaluating the color rendition of light sources." Optics Express 23(12):15888-15906.  doi:10.1364/OE.23.015888
  • Houser KW, MP Royer, and A David. 2015. "Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition using the IES TM-30-15 Method." In 5th Professional Lighting Design Conference (PLDC 2015), October 28-31, 2015, Rome, Italy.  VIA-Verlag, GŁtersloh, Germany. 
  • Houser KW, MP Royer, and L Whitehead. 2015. "Correspondence: In support of the IES method of evaluating light source colour rendition." Lighting Research and Technology 47(8):1029-1034.  doi:10.1177/1477153515617392
  • Royer MP, ME Poplawski, CC Brown, and MB Merzouk. 2015. CALiPER Report 22.1: Photoelectric Performance of LED MR16 LampsPNNL-24627, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
  • Royer MP, MB Merzouk, NJ Miller, and TA Beeson. 2015. CALiPER Report 23: Photometric Testing of White-Tunable LED LuminairesPNNL-24595, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 




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