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Energy Technology Market Adoption Team

"Energy Technology cannot provide the intended benefits if you cannot get it into the market or the market will not readily accept it for use."

The Energy Technology Market Adoption Team is part of the Energy Policy & Economics Group. We help clients understand and address the challenges and issues associated with the adoption and deployment of new technologies, resulting in more timely and robust acceptance of technology by the market. The team's 19 professionals have extensive experience and demonstrated track records ensuring technology acceptance; many with professional awards and other forms of recognition for their contributions to technology acceptance.

Our team helps public and private sector clients understand and address the marketplace challenges associated with myriad of energy-related technologies. To foster timely acceptance of technology and maximize R&D investments, doing what we do is best conducted in parallel to (not in series with) R&D.

Clients investing in R&D want success; technically in terms of a product that performs as designed and economically in terms of sales. Achieving the latter requires a market that is "ready, willing, able, and excited" to accept and adopt the technology and is not encumbered by 'barriers and showstoppers'. Our team can increase the successful outcomes of technology investments as follows:

  • Assess and address codes, standards, regulations, and related requirements that typically lag technology development, and turn potential showstoppers into opportunities for transforming building practices and construction methods and applying new materials and products.
  • Develop and deliver training, education, and related support tools and resources (cost calculators, specifications, fact sheets) that support the infrastructure needed to foster technology acceptance.
  • Engage and partner with important stakeholder organizations that influence technology acceptance.
  • Conduct field performance assessments that capture information on and document attributes of new energy related technologies that can provide a much clearer view of the technology's strengths & weaknesses.
  • Assess technology options for our nations buildings including the feasibility of new energy efficiency measures, on-site generation, and energy storage technology. Lead the development of business cases and provide support necessary to execute such projects.
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency and supply options including reviews of regulatory, utility, and environmental rules; comparative economics; and contributions to energy security and federal energy and climate goals.
  • Energy security analyses, including assessments of the roles of on-site generation, storage, and micro-grids in addressing grid vulnerability and reliability.

An investment in this type of work more than pays for itself; and clients who adopt these emerging technologies transform energy use in buildings and the community as a whole.

Team Members

Chrissi Antonopoulos
Michael Baechler
Pam Cole
David Conover
Theresa Gilbride
Mike Hoffman
Juliet Homer
Cheryn Metzger
Alice Orrell
Graham Parker
Joseph Petersen
Eric Poehlman
Linda Sandahl
Amy Solana
Jamie Spangle
Ashley Steffen
Anne Wagner
Michael Warwick

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Linda Sandahl, photo

Linda Sandahl
Team Lead