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Energy Efficient Advanced Lighting

At PNNL we recognize that advanced lighting technologies have the potential to reduce U.S. lighting energy usage by more than one half and contribute significantly to our nation's climate change solutions. We are conducting research, performing analyses, conducting demonstrations, and sponsoring design competitions that act as a catalyst to drive industry towards breakthroughs in efficiency and performance, and to equip buyers with the information they need to successfully apply energy efficient lighting solutions.

In addition to our team of dedicated and experienced lighting scientists, engineers, and analysts we have dedicated laboratories equipped to perform measurement and validation of photometric, photoelectric, long-term performance, and stress testing. In addition, we perform in-situ testing of lighting products of various types to assist in understanding and developing solutions to configuration complexity, lack of interoperability between devices and systems, data-driven energy management.

For more information, please contact at (503) 417-7558.

Advanced Lighting Energy Savings and Application Support

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