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Energy Policy Analytics Team

The Energy Policy Analytics Team is part of the Energy Policy & Economics Group. Our focus is on helping our clients understand technical, economic, and policy impacts of new energy technologies and applications. We provide research, data analysis, valuations, and impact assessments to support resource decision-making, policies, and program development.

The team's professionals include economists, engineers, and analysts who understand the latest energy technologies and applications. The results of our analyses and assessments support utilities, developers, and government entities in planning and operations, and policymakers in developing policies and regulations that support a stronger and more reliable and resilient energy infrastructure.

Our team brings a focused set of capabilities and tools to bear on questions of valuation, cost/benefit analysis, planning, and market opportunities and impacts related to energy and associated infrastructures, such as water, mobility/transport, and natural gas. We provide technical assistance to utilities, regional planning organizations, public utilities commissions, state energy offices, and other government entities associated with energy technologies such as energy efficiency, distributed generation, energy storage, microgrids, electric vehicles, demand response and transactive energy, and grid modernization.

Capabilities of the team include:

  • Integrated energy system planning with supply and demand side resources
  • Economics of alternative electricity generation & energy storage technologies.
  • Data analysis and visualization in support of economic, valuation and investment modeling.
  • Economic, environmental, and energy impacts of energy policies and regulation.
  • Technical assistance to states and local utilities on issues associated with energy and water

This team stewards the policy analysis and analytical capabilities necessary to deliver products in the above areas. Our staff also manage multidisciplinary projects requiring the integration of engineering, policy and economic analysis capabilities.

Team Members

Sadie Bender
Dan Boff
Grace Borland
Allison Campbell
Alasdair Crawford
Christine Holland
Juliet Homer
Kendall Mongird
Eric Poehlman
Devyn Powell
Jeremy Twitchell

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Juliet Homer, photo

Juliet Homer
Team Lead