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Energy Economics Team

"Telling the story of technology, policy, and R&D program impacts on markets, energy, and the environment"

The Energy Economics Team is part of the Energy Policy & Economics Group. We help clients characterize and measure markets for new technology, and provide related economic and energy impact assessments of those markets. The team's professionals including economists and engineers navigate the frontier between technology market assessment and systems engineering analysis. Our work results in national and regional impact analyses and other forms of strategic studies to quantify the potential impacts new technologies can have on the economy and energy consumption.

Our team helps public and private sector clients understand the effects of new energy efficiency technologies and other market-driven or regulatory-driven behavioral changes. These assessments help our clients address the marketplace with informed R&D investments. Having objective, thoughtful, analysis of the potential impacts of new technologies or policies arms clients with the ability to articulate the outcomes of their programs for key stakeholders.

To achieve market success for clients investing in R&D, the impacts of these investments must be understood and barriers to market success need to be identified. This provides clients with the knowledge to develop strategies to overcome impediments to market success.

Our team brings a diverse set of capabilities and tools to bear on the questions of market identification, technology characterization, energy impacts of new technology, related environmental, economic, and demographic impacts. A sampling of the general areas the team supports include:

  • Emerging economic and energy implications of grid modernization.
  • Economic, environmental, and energy impacts of energy policy and regulation.
  • Economics of climate change mitigation.
  • National energy intensity indicators and impact modeling of technology change.
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial sector R&D program metrics and impact analysis.
  • Economics of carbon capture and storage technology research and development.
  • Economics of alternative electricity generation technologies.
  • Socioeconomic, land use, and power system impacts of power plant siting and licensing.
  • New technology business case development.
  • Transportation sector predictive analytics.
  • Tracking and reporting commercialization success of federal technology R&D.
  • Local economic development impact assessment.

This team stewards the wide-ranging analytical capabilities necessary to deliver products in the above areas. Our staff also manages multidisciplinary projects requiring the integration of engineering and economic analysis capabilities.

Team Members

Dave Anderson
Patrick Balducci
Sadie Bender
Allison Campbell
Natasha Collins
Alan Cooke
Katherine Cort
Alasdair Crawford
Douglas Elliott
Vanshika Fotedar
Sumitrra Ganguli
Kendall Mongird
Madison Moore
Scott Morris
Michelle Niemeyer
Mark Weimar

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Dave Anderson
Team Lead