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Lighting Sciences Research Team

"Advancing the performance and understanding of energy efficient lighting products"

The Lighting Science Research team focuses on improving the performance of energy efficient lighting products by investigating fundamental issues related to visual perception, non-visual physiological responses to light, product development, and implementation in real buildings. Research in this area can provide optimized lighting solutions and help address increasingly complex tradeoffs in desired performance attributes. It can also significantly reduce national energy use by increasing users' acceptance energy efficient lighting products, leading to increased use and replacement of less efficient solutions.

The team has strong expertise and capability in the following areas:

  • Laboratory, simulation, and field-based experimental work on lighting product performance and user perceptions, particularly in the area of human factors. Results are typically documented in peer-reviewed literature with the goal of influencing product development and future implementation.
  • Development of metrics, specifications, and other standards in collaboration with appropriate industry organizations. Team members serve on numerous committees for organizations such as the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and International Commission on Illumination (CIE).
  • Evaluation of energy efficient lighting products in realistic settings to study how advanced and emerging features are actually being used in the field. The evaluation results are documented via reports and articles to provide valuable lessons learned on the areas that are performing well and the areas that need work or further development.

Team Members

Belal Abboushi
Jessica Collier
Robert Davis
Paul Francik
Lia Irvin
Terri Kirchhoff
Max Martell
Eduardo Rodriguez
Michael Royer
Sarah Safranek
Jianchuan (JT) Tan
Jason Tuenge
Andrea Wilkerson

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Michael Royer, photo

Michael Royer
Team Lead