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  • Cost Benefit Analysis

    Cost Benefit Analysis

    PNNL provides estimates of the benefits and costs of specific technologies, policies, and projects including energy projects, environmental cleanup, major capital construction and changes in energy efficiency.

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  • Renewable Energy Assessment

    Renewable Energy Assessment

    PNNL performs analysis of available renewable resources, applicable technologies, project economics, regulatory issues, and mission impacts to support renewable energy technology deployments.

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  • Economic Analysis

    Economic Analysis

    PNNL analyzes complex socioeconomic and environmental issues on a regional, national, and global scale. We conduct macro- and micro-economic analysis, forecasting and product market penetration analysis.

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  • Emerging Technology Deployment

    Emerging Technology Deployment

    PNNL uses a number of approaches to speed market introduction of new, energy-efficient products, including technology demonstrations, development of standards, product design competitions, and technology procurements.

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  • Market Transformation

    Market Transformation

    PNNL identifies, analyzes and addresses market issues to determine how a particular technology, product, or service might be designed, refined, marketed and delivered to the market.

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  • Policy Analysis

    Policy Analysis

    PNNL specializes in analyzing and understanding the impacts of the interface between science and society. Our staff have available a toolbox of economic, financial, and policy simulation, analysis, and impact modeling capabilities.

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