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About Energy Policy and Economics Group

The Energy Policy & Economics Group (EP&E) group is part of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's (PNNL's) Energy and Environment Directorate. EP&E staff provide customers with a strong combination of experience and expertise in the areas of:

  • Economics and Regulatory Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Assessments (wind, bio, solar, geothermal)
  • Energy Efficient Advanced Lighting
  • Technology Planning, Market Adoption, Impact Analysis, and Deployment Support.

The EP&E Group has 69 staff primarily located at PNNL's Richland Campus and the Portland Research Center.

Primary Services

  • Building and Facilities Energy Utilization Assessments, Audits, Codes & Standards, Efficiency Planning & Implementation
  • Economic\Regulatory Impact Modeling and Assessments - technology, energy, transportation, environment and national security
  • Financial Analyses and Recommendations - commercialization, investment, financial and contracting decisions
  • Life-Cycle Analysis - energy costs and consumption, economic options and new technology impacts
  • Technology Market Adoption - outreach planning, communication materials, events
  • Next Generation Lighting Policy, Standards, Testing & Market Adoption
  • Project Management - professionally certified managers experienced in delivering projects ranging from research and development to field deployment.
  • Technology Adaptation, Testing and Deployment
  • Technology Impact Assessments.

EP&E Group Mission, Vision, Values

EP&E Group Mission Statement

To support the development and deployment of energy efficient technologies through the delivery of impactful energy and economic policy and analyses that enable informed planning and decision making. Using our core capabilities, we create and deploy energy technology market adoption solutions that are nationally transformative.

EP&E Group Vision Statement

To be recognized internally and externally as "best in class" for our impactful energy policy planning, assessment, and market transformation capabilities and for enabling smarter decision making with our economics analysis strength.

EP&E Group Values

In order to perform our mission and attain our vision, we believe that we must foster and sustain a culture that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, superior business performance and high standards of ethical behavior. Our values include:

  • Consistently delivering value added products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations (technically and programmatically).
  • Fostering an environment that is conducive to developing creative solutions and enabling staff to perform at their best.
  • Commitment to high standards of quality and integrity in the work we do for our clients.
  • Taking our commitments seriously. We think through our commitments before making them and we live up to them once made. We only promise what we can deliver.
  • Treating each other and our clients with honesty, respect and dignity.

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