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Technology Procurement
PNNL technology procurement expertise is highly regarded within DOE. DOE refers to our technology procurement methods as being among the most effective and successful technology commercialization tools at its disposal. We have developed and implemented more technology procurement projects for energy-efficient products than any other organization in the United States.

Using technology procurement — a method that harnesses the buying power of large-volume buyers to speed early commercialization of new technologies — we have transformed markets for several appliance and energy end-use products. Cooperating with key market players such as manufacturers, builders, engineering firms, utilities, nonprofit organizations, retailers, wholesalers, housing agencies, federal and state agencies and other private-sector businesses, we have spearheaded projects leading to the successful creation, commercialization, and large-volume sales of several new energy-efficient products.

For further information on Technology Procurement, contact Linda Sandahl, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), at (509) 375-2609.

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